A person holding a gift basket filled with various food items.

Your favorite grocery store isn’t called a “supermarket” for nothing. A grocery store can be a super place to shop for everything from pantry staples, fresh foods and ready-to-eat meals to greeting cards, wrapping supplies and your next creative gift idea.

And, no. We’re not talking about putting a bow on a bunch of beets.

Think about all those cool add-on items you see lingering by the checkouts and on special displays in the aisles. Or put on your creative thinking hat and assemble a foodie-inspired gift basket for your next special occasion.

Last-minute gift ideas from the grocery store

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation or holiday like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, your local grocery store can be a great spot to put together a customized gift. Here are some ideas to get you started.

A baker’s gift bundle

If you’re shopping for a friend with a flair for flour, hone in on their favorite types of baked goods. Do they like to bake cookies? Start with a baking sheet for a base, then pile it high with gourmet chocolate chips, fresh nut butter, sprinkles and other ingredients that make the best cookies. Do they craft incredible pies? Fill a new pie tin with a jar of fancy ground cinnamon from the spice aisle, fresh apples and pastry flour so they can whip up a classic delight. You could make similar gift bundles in a cake pan for cake bakers or a muffin pan for muffin makers.

A snacker’s charcuterie board

Need a gift for the hard-to-shop-for person? Focus on all their favorite nibbles in the form of an elegant but thrifty charcuterie board. And you’re not limited to meats, crackers, fruits and cheeses. You can create a blend of any must-have snacks. Start by choosing a wooden cutting board from the kitchen supplies section of the store, then pile it high. For a high school grad, this might be layers of gummy candies, tempting chocolates and salty chips. For a Mother’s Day gift, maybe you flank fresh cut flowers with chocolate-covered strawberries, salted caramels, slider deli sandwiches and miniature bottles of wine.

An anytime wine basket

Speaking of wine, it’s always a good gift for an adult who enjoys an occasional glass. Upcycle a basket you have on hand, or ask the grocer if they have something from a holiday (Easter, Christmas, etc.) display. Fill the basket with a bottle or two of the recipient’s favorite red or white variety, a brick of hard cheese, artisan crackers and salami. Then, top the wine basket off with a sprinkling of fresh fruit, like a beautiful bundle of cascading grapes or a couple of tart apples. To save a few dollars, connect your grocer’s loyalty card to our app and use our app for cash back offers.

A health nut’s juicing pack

For the health-conscious person on your list, put together a creative gift idea that helps them achieve their nutrition goals. Pick up a large gift bag and stuff it full of fresh juice-able fruits and greens like spinach, carrots, lemons, apples, celery and ginger. Then, tuck in a new portable bottle and reusable straw to hold that delicious juice. Some grocers have a book or magazine section where you could peek for a title that focuses on juice recipes or healthy eating. Put that mag in the bag, too!

A spa day self-care basket

The best gifts are the ones that keep on giving long after they’re opened. Anyone who needs a day to relax would appreciate a basket or gift bag filled with pampering items. At the grocery store, you can often find hydrating hair masks, soothing facial creams, fluffy loofahs, bath oils, scented candles or sugar skin scrubs. Pair all those goodies with a bottle of something delicious to sip, and your gift will be much appreciated.

A chocolate lover’s basket

Is the gift recipient absolutely in love with all things dark, milk or white chocolate? Fill a basket with dried fruits dipped in chocolate, gourmet chocolate bars, chocolate sauces to use on ice cream or whipped chocolate fruit dips. You can also find gourmet chocolates at most grocery stores in the candy aisle. Look for fancy treats from Switzerland or Germany. And don’t forget to finish off the chocolate lover’s basket with a tasty beverage such as chocolate milk, a coco-infused beer or powdered hot chocolate mix.

A date night to go

Imagine the perfect evening out — then, gift it. Most grocers offer gift cards to area attractions like movie theaters, restaurants and stores. This simple gift could be tucked inside a greeting card that you purchase at the grocery store, too. For example, for a wedding gift, you could choose cards for an upscale restaurant as well as movie tickets. Then, finish it off with a gift card to the local ice cream shop for a delicious dessert to enjoy after the show.

Your solution for last-minute gift ideas

As a bonus, many grocers also carry gift wrapping supplies, including tissue paper, gift bags, tape, wrapping paper and greeting cards. Bigger stores may also have a floral department featuring cut bouquets or potted plants. Grocery stores truly are one-stop shops for your creative gifting needs.