Tea kettles and pitchers used as planters.

Okay, so you’re here because gardening is your passion. Pothos on the patio? Aloe on the armoire? Maybe some basil basking in the sun on the kitchen windowsill? We get it.

At this point, you’re probably running out of pots and planters, right? And they’re kinda boring too — the same boring circular thing over and over from the local gardening store. Might you be willing to experiment with a DIY upcycled planter? It’ll give your home so much personality. After all, a little greenery looks good in every room, on every patio and even our workplaces.

So, what can you tuck some soil and seedlings into? You’d be surprised! May this quirky list of ideas help you add more foliage and fun to your favorite places without spending a penny on new planters. Get ready to give some old items a new purpose.

DIY upcycled planter options

If it has an opening and the ability to hold water or soil, it can be a planter. It’s a bonus if the container has a small hole or two at the bottom for drainage (or if it’s made of a material that you can poke a few in yourself). If not, simply add a layer of aquarium gravel or a few rocks from an outdoor garden to the bottom of the container before adding soil. That way, the excess water will have a place to go beyond the roots, keeping the plant healthy. Okay, let’s go!

Tea kettle

Whether you scored a vintage cast-iron model at a thrift store that’s been collecting dust or you have one on your own stove top that never gets used, fill that cute container up with a plant ASAP. A tea kettle can easily sit on a surface or be hung by the handle, making it a versatile planter option.

Small end table

Instead of tossing away that chipped wooden furniture, place it in the garden and fill the drawers with soil and vining varieties of plants. The piece is also a unique upcycled plant stand that you can set potted plants on top of, too.

Mixing bowls and colanders

Have you inherited a bunch of mixing bowls and simply don’t have kitchen cupboard space for them all? These make beautiful planters that can be arranged by size and displayed on a dining room table. You could also revamp an oversupply of strainers — plus, this DIY upcycled planter has built-in drainage for outdoors. Use some twine on the handles to hang it up, or simply set it on an outdoor table for a cute centerpiece.

Cowboy boots

Whether the kids outgrew ’em or you never used ’em, western-style boots make the cutest planters. We love the idea of filling them with succulents or cacti for a Southwest vibe.

Jewelry or vintage boxes

If you have a jewelry box filled with sparkly things you never wear, lift the top and fill it with plants. You can do the same with other vintage or interesting classics you may have inherited from older relatives. Think cigar boxes and old kitchen spice jars.

Paint cans

Cleaning out the garage or basement? If you find cans of dried-up paint, you know the drill. Fill them up with soil and bold blooms. A cluster of cans can easily become a patio focal point.

Light fixtures

From chandeliers and sconces to bowl-shaped bulb covers, these durable fixtures make excellent planters. Many can even be rehung in a greenhouse or indoor plant room (they exist!) for a true conversation piece.

Empty food jars

Do you keep empty pasta sauce and peanut butter jars for crafting? They also work great for plants, especially for gift giving. Personalize with a ribbon or a coat of paint, and the container is as charming as can be. If you use cash back offers to save on your groceries to begin with, you’re getting those jars and other cool food containers at a bargain price, making this a win/win.

Don’t forget to reuse your current pots, too

Finally, if you have a stack of seemingly boring old terracotta flower pots waiting to be filled, why not give them a makeover? Everything deserves a second chance.