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If you’re like me, you have acquaintances, colleagues and friends. And then you have your best friend. The one who knows your hopes and goals, the hurdles you face, and the one you trust for great advice. She’s the friend who always manages to tell it to you straight and put a smile on your face.

SAVE is that friend online. There are a lot of options out there for information, helpful tips and inspiration, but we’re the source you can always count on to focus on the positive and help you get more out of your time and money. Our team of experienced journalists and writers work hard to compile great resources and bring you new ideas about beauty, health, DIY crafts, entertaining, home, fashion, food, and life. We want to inspire you to be the best you possible.

Some days we might be sharing new ideas for organizing your closets, and other days might be devoted to our favorite Instagram feeds and DIY projects they inspired. We might not be breaking news, but we want to be the break in your day. Let’s make this a community.

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