Wedding-themed doodles.

It’s fun to spoil your wedding guests with cute favors to thank them for celebrating with you on your special day. But it’s not fun to add another expense to the overall wedding cost, especially if you’re working within a budget.

With a little creativity and strategic shopping, though, you can offer your friends and family adorable mementos that don’t break the bank.

When it comes to unique and affordable wedding favors, we’ve got you!

Tips for budget-friendly wedding favors

The purpose of a wedding favor is to extend your gratitude to your guests for joining you for this momentous occasion. But that doesn’t mean the favor itself has to be momentous. Something small and thoughtful will always be appreciated.

With that in mind, check out these ideas for budget-friendly favors.

1. Invest time, not money

Okay, yes. When you’re planning a wedding, time might not be something you have an abundance of. However, homemade favors can be not only thoughtful and individualized, but they can also save you some cash. Consider these ideas:

  • Handwritten letters: Find pretty stationery or cardstock, and write heartfelt words of thanks to each guest. Personalize each note with a fun memory of you and your loved one and how happy you are that they’ve decided to make another memory at your wedding. Then tuck it in a shiny envelope to hand over as you visit with them during the reception.
  • Crafted items: If you’re good with arts and crafts, lean into that by making small items for each of your guests. Save even more by purchasing the craft supplies at a dollar store versus a hobby shop.
  • Bulk items: You can purchase wedding favors online in bulk that might require some assembly — but they’re cheaper. Some assembly could be as simple as printing, adding custom stickers or tying up ribbons. Don’t shy away from an easy project!

2. Upcycle items you own or thrift

If you have access to something in quantity, whether it’s flowers from your garden, glass jars or candles, you might be able to turn a few “ingredients” like these into instant wedding favors. Better yet, use literal ingredients and whip up a big batch of something delicious. Pop your treats into upcycled containers from a thrift store and style with a ribbon.

Think outside the box with other eco-friendly options like:

  • Coffee mugs filled with potting soil and small plants you started from seeds or cuttings of your own parent plant
  • Little cloth bags with squares of homemade soap inside
  • Jars of homemade jam, apple butter, preserves, pickles or other kitchen creations
  • A treat-in-a-jar kit, such as a brownie mix or cookie mix, with a cute instructions label
  • Homemade cookies packed in decorative boxes and cartons

3. Go digital

Everyone snaps photos and videos during weddings, so why not help your guests amplify the experience? Your favor could be a no-cost photo-sharing folder where guests can view and upload images to share with one another. After the wedding, add your professional photographer’s snaps for everyone to enjoy, too.

This is a great way for everyone to share the event through their eyes (or lens, rather) and see what other guests captured. You might even discover some funny moments you missed.

A few more wedding favor ideas

We’ve already listed some affordable wedding favor ideas, but we’ve got more! And these aren’t such a heavy lift in terms of cooking, baking or crafting.

Maybe one of these will fit your wedding theme, vibe and budget perfectly.

  • Full-size candy bars wrapped in labels with the newlyweds’ names and wedding date
  • Individually wrapped tea bags with sweet words of gratitude on the tags
  • Miniature bottles of wine or liquor with tags that tell guests: “Keep the party going!”
  • Small boxes or jars filled with store-bought chocolates or mints

No matter what you choose, remember that your guests aren’t coming to your wedding to receive a favor. They’re coming to celebrate the love you found with your partner.

Whether you have expensive or affordable wedding favors isn’t important — what’s important is you. So, focus on having a beautiful day. And congratulations!

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