Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Pet VacationThese days, dog-friendly accommodations range from the very basic to the lap of luxury, making it possible to bring four-legged family members just about anywhere you go. Here are some of our best tips for traveling with your pooch.

  • The ASPCA suggests searching for pet-friendly accommodations at or If you’re looking for upscale digs, check PAW, a directory of luxury, pet-friendly hotels (3-stars or higher).
  • Just because a hotel allows pets, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are pet-friendly—sometimes it’s more like pet-tolerant. Call the hotel directly to get more information and ask about restrictions like weight limits.
  • Update dog tags before you hit the road. Make sure they include a cell phone number you can be reached at during your trip. Consider upgrading to a tracking system like Tagg, which attaches to a pet’s existing collar and uses GPS so you can keep tabs on your pet from your mobile phone.
  • Look for pet products that simplify travel and save space like dog beds that fold up into a duffel bag and collapsible food and water bowls. Use a coupon code to save on your purchase like 30% off one item at or $10 off $50+ at Petco.
  • If traveling by air, choose a direct flight and avoid flying in extreme heat. The Humane Society recommends booking early morning or late evening flights in summer. When you board the plane, ask a flight attendant to notify the captain that your pet is traveling in the cargo hold.
  • Take a current photo of Fido with your cell phone. That way if your pet gets lost, you can easily spread the word or even make posters.

Final tip: If your pup has to sit this trip out, consider dog-sitting services like or, which connect pet owners with nearby host families.

Make sure your next adventure is stress free with our helpful travel tips!