The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love

The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love | thegoodstuff

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Loyalty and rewards programs seem to be available in stores everywhere, but are they really worth it? Before you share your email address, phone number, and all of your other personal information, know that these programs are not all created equally.

Some exist simply to send additional advertising, but others can save you some serious cash. Pay attention to these top 13 membership rewards programs that will keep your money in your wallet — right where it belongs!

It feels great when companies show us some love, doesn’t it? Membership rewards programs are one way to do that, and lifetime warranties are another. Plus, many companies offer freebies for a variety of reasons, so don’t miss out on cashing in on your loyalty!

1. My Starbucks Rewards

The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love | thegoodstuff

Starbucks has one of the easiest to use rewards programs that’s also one of the most beneficial (if you’re a coffee or tea lover). With free beverages, free food, and free refills (plus a free drink on your birthday), each purchase grants a star. Once you’ve collected twelve stars you get a free drink.

Manage your rewards with a free app and even use the app to order ahead, pay for your drink, track your rewards status, or leave a tip for your stellar barista!

You can reward yourself, too, by using these Starbucks promo codes and coupons!

2. Kroger Plus Card

The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love | thegoodstuff

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In parts of the country that have Kroger stores, this is one of the best rewards programs. Kroger maintains customer loyalty with their wildly popular “Kroger Plus Card,” and they report that 90 percent of purchases are made with the card.

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Discounts include sale prices on groceries, discounts on gasoline, and digital grocery coupons. Additionally, the program includes opportunities to donate a portion of your purchase to local schools. Win-win!

You can check for Kroger coupons to use with your Plus Card at!

3. Meijer mPerks

The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love | thegoodstuff

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Meijer is known throughout the country for great produce selection and affordable groceries, personal care items, and seasonal decor. Their mPerks loyalty program is customizable for the needs of each shopper.

Load coupons, fill prescriptions, and earn personalized rewards on anything from beauty products, apparel, arts and crafts, and grocery items. It’s all done via an app on your phone and completely worth the time and effort. At checkout, simply enter your phone number and pin for your mPerks account and your discounts are applied.

Save on your next shopping trip with Meijer coupons in addition to your mPerks!

4. Target’s Cartwheel

The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love | thegoodstuff

Cartwheel from Target is one of the easiest to use money-saving apps on the market. Users can load deals and offers to their accounts, and when shopping in the store your smartphone can scan items to see if a relevant deal applies. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Use it for clothing, shoes, home furnishings, grocery, and more. And since everyone loves Target, consider the REDcard, which saves members 5% on every purchase. Cardholders also receive an extra 30 days on returns and free shipping from

Along with the Cartwheel app, is the perfect place to check for Target coupons — and easily compare to other store’s offers!

5. myBestBuy

The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love | thegoodstuff

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Serious tech lovers will appreciate Best Buy’s rewards program, myBestBuy. Free shipping on orders starting at $35, access to special sales and offers, and you earn one point for every dollar spent.

Are you heading to Best Buy for a new big screen? Check out our TV buying guide before you go for some tips that will help you pick out the right features and find the best deal.

Rack up some points with your large television or iPad purchases and see what you can earn! Additional rewards at elite and eliteplus levels.

Combine your myBestBuy perks with Best Buy promo codes to score the best deals on electronics!

6. Home Depot’s Pro Xtra

The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love | thegoodstuff

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For those who’ve caught the DIY bug, Home Depot’s rewards program Pro Xtra tracks spending and gives additional discounts once members have spent certain amounts.

If a new outdoor setup is on your list of to-dos, check out our grill buying guide for a comparison of charcoal, gas, and electric, plus tips for getting the best deal!

You get a 10 percent discount at $2,000 spent and 20 percent at $7,500 spent, perfect for those big home projects. Upon joining, get $20 off your next purchase of $200 or more!

Whether your next DIY project is big or small, these Home Depot promo codes are sure to help you save.

7. Beauty Insider by Sephora

The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love | thegoodstuff

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Sephora has an excellent rewards program for makeup lovers that only gets better the more you spend. Even for those on the lowest tier, expect a birthday gift each year, points for each dollar spent, and opportunities to try new products.

Even busy moms can treat themselves to some glamorous Sephora products. Check out our favorite must-haves for a quick-and-easy beauty routine!

Beauty Insiders also get free classes on makeup application in store. Birthday month purchases can go a long way in getting some new (and glamorous) makeup.

Even if it’s not your birthday, you’ll find great Sephora coupon codes at!

8. DSW Rewards

The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love | thegoodstuff

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DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) start earning points on purchases right away. With 10 points awarded for each dollar spent, plus birthday offers and access to double points days, there’s no reason not to sign up for this rewards program! With shoes for the whole family, there’s great potential for benefit.

If you’re eyeing up that pair of designer shoes, don’t feel guilty. With the right approach you can make that designer price tag work for you! Here’s how to save on investment fashion buys.

Score great deals on shoes for the whole family with DSW promo codes!

9 & 10. Petco Pals & PetSmart’s PetPerks

The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love | thegoodstuff

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Animal lovers know that savings add up when it comes to Petco Pals Rewards Card and PetSmart PetPerks, which both give customers’ pets special birthday treats and help frequent shoppers score some sweet deals!

Adding a four-legged friend to your family can add up fast, but that’s no reason to say “No” to those adorable faces! Here’s five ways you can save on your pup and kitty!

At Petco, shoppers earn 5 percent back, and once you’ve spent $100, a $5 coupon is automatically sent out. PetSmart offers online discounts and personalized alerts on the products you need.

Treat your furry friends to something special and save with Petco coupons and PetSmart coupon codes!

11. AMC Stubs

The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love | thegoodstuff

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If you’re a frequent movie goer, the AMC Stubs Rewards program gets you a $10 reward for every $100 you spend, free upgrades on concessions anytime, online ticket purchase fees waived, and access to your online ticket stub collection.

AMC Stubs has an annual fee of $12, so this rewards program does cost a bit, but online ticketing fees add up, and popcorn and drink upgrades do too! This rewards program pays for itself in just a couple of visits, so don’t let the price turn you away. 

Book tickets for the latest chick flick, comedy, or thriller and save with AMC coupons!

12. Kohl’s Yes2You

The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love | thegoodstuff

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If you’re a Kohl’s shopper, take advantage of the Yes2You rewards program that gives $5 back for every $100 spent, no matter how you pay (cash, credit, Kohl’s charge, etc.).

For a store that sells a little bit of everything for the whole family, you can really maximize your savings. Yes2You benefits include a birthday offer and eight guaranteed special discounts per year. The free program is easy to track on the free Kohl’s app. 

Are you on the hunt for a great deal? Grab these Kohl’s coupon codes and start shopping!

13. National Car Rental

The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love | thegoodstuff

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Travelers know that regarding hotel and car rental rewards programs, being loyal pays off. The best car rental rewards programs are those that are within reach; specifically, if you’re frequently traveling for business, your needs will be much different from those who like to hit the road for a spontaneous adventure.

For most travel needs, National Car Rental offers some impressive benefits. Choosing your vehicle is easy within their app (available at select locations) and there are no additional fees for a second driver.

Earning rental days is simple, too (no higher level math required!), as one rental earns you one credit and seven credits earns a free rental. Simple is good!

Don’t forget to check for National Car Rental coupons before you book your next rental!

14. Marriott Rewards

The Top 14 Membership Rewards Programs to Love | thegoodstuff

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Hotel rewards can be really easy to rack up, but the key here is frequency and accessibility. Hotels with locations in your regular travel spots are good ones to look at, and the program that’s right for you will depend greatly on their availability.

Does a trip to Cannes, France sound dreamy? How about Dublin? Munich? Wherever you want to go, these tips for traveling Europe on a budget will help you get there without blowing your savings!

One chain to consider is Marriott, as they offer tiers of hotels that are sure to suit your individual needs (also over 4,000 Marriott brand hotels to choose from.) From family stays to romantic getaways, each night you stay gets you that much closer to a free night — for basic level rewards status, five nights is all you need for a free stay.

Keep an eye out for the latest Marriott promo codes — you never know when your dream destination will feature a deal!