The Best Things To Buy in October

October seems to be National this-that-and-the-other-thing Month. We thought it would be fun to focus on a few of those wacky holidays and show you how you can save on some of October’s most obscure celebrations.

pizzaNational Pizza Month:
We have tons of savings in the coupon code section for this one, so you can celebrate once a week if you want to. Sign up for California Pizza Kitchen’s email and get $5 off. Get a code for a $9 pizza, any size or toppings from Pizza Hut or $3 off a large from Godfather’s Pizza.

Sarcastic Month:
If sarcasm doesn’t come naturally, then you may have to rely on some props, and what better month than October to stock up on some prank gifts. Save 20% off prank gifts from PrankPlace. They also sell costumes, so it’s a 2-for-1 Halloween shop. 

chiliNational Chili Month:
Nothing says fall like a chili cook-off. Some people take their chili very seriously. The rules and regulations for the International Chili Society, expressly state that beans are “strictly forbidden.” But go ahead, cheat a little, we won’t tell! Save $0.60 on three Old El Paso items. 

National Frappe Day (10/7):
It seems odd that frappe day is in October when most of the world has pumpkin spiced lattes on the mind. Just to clarify though, a frappe does not have to be a coffee drink, it can be any iced or chilled beverage. Look for blenders in the clearance section, since most people are turning to warmer options as the weather changes. Get an additional 10% off from with the coupon code C97966.
Expires 12/31/2013


National Nut Day (10/22):
This one truly belongs in the month of October. It’s harvest season for many nut varieties and we start to see holiday baking promotions making it the right time to stock up on almonds, pecans, pistachios, walnuts and hazelnuts. Buy nuts as close as possible to their original form. You’ll usually pay more for chopped, toasted or shelled.

Final Tip: October is also home to National Food Bank Week, so consider cleaning out your pantry and making a food donation. You can also clip coupons from For every three coupons used, one meal will go towards fighting domestic childhood hunger.