18 Christmas Ornament Decorations Not on Your Tree!


Ornaments are often thought of as only tree decor, but it turns out they can be used to deck the halls in every which way. Check out these clever Christmas ornament decorations that go beyond the tree and get your home into the holiday spirit in no time.

Get crafty on your own or try one of these 18 clever ideas — or 20 more budget Christmas decorations you can DIY — and save with a Michaels coupon or Home Depot coupons!

1. Wine Charms

wine charms

Miniature ornament wine charms are the perfect way for party guests to keep track of their holiday libations. Simply hang an ornament onto a wire jewelry pin, bend the wire into a hook shape, and slide it around a glass stem. These charms were made using one-inch ornaments, but you can always go a bit bigger or smaller.

2. Chandelier

ChandelierSource: Aunt Peaches

Talk about merry and bright, your chandelier will really shine when it’s decorated with colorful ornaments. Simply drape ornaments over the arms and neck for an instant holiday upgrade.

3. Banister Decor

Banister DecorSource: Nicety

To feel the Christmas spirit with every step you take, hang large baubles from the banister base or top of the railing. You could hang large ornaments with ribbon, or incorporate smaller ones into a garland-wrapped banister.

4. Cake Stand Display

Cake Stand DisplaySource: Vintage Whites Market

Give ornaments the same status as any other tasty treat by arranging them on a cakestand. You could display them on their own, or surround a miniature faux tree.

5. Table Hanging

Table HangingSource: Real Simple

Hang ornaments from the ceiling (or chandelier) above a table so your guests will be truly surrounded by the holiday spirit. A red and silver palette is both festive and classy.

6. Garland

GarlandSource: Pretty Quirky

String ornaments onto thick ribbon to create this eye-catching window or mantle decor. You’ll need about 40-50 ornaments per 3-foot length to achieve the bunched-up effect.

7. Place Setting

Place SettingSource: House to Home

Tie a name tag around a large ornament and place it in a bowl along with cinnamon sticks for a totally Christmasy table setting. You could use matching ornaments or mix up styles and colors.

8. Drinking Glasses

Drinking GlassesSource: Not Just a Mommy

These sippable ornaments will delight holiday party guests. To make them stand on their own, create a base out of glitter-covered wood carbone rings. Insert a jumbo straw and fill with your drink of choice, anything from chocolate milk to eggnog or a peppermint martini.

9. Potted Decor

Potted DecorSource: Better Homes & Gardens

Place ornaments in little gold pots and use metallic pens to write out holiday messages. These would look lovely on the mantle, tabletop, or even your desk.

10. Window Ornament Display

Window Ornament DisplaySource: The Feminist Housewife

Turn ornaments into artwork. An old window frame can be upcycled into a beautiful display with hooks and clear wire hangings.

11. Ornament Garden

Ornament GardenSource: Better Homes and Gardens

This pretty ornaments au natural centerpiece is a cinch to create. SImply place bulbs in a planter full of wheatgrass.

12. Lantern

LanternSource: Dimples and Tangles

Make those ornaments shine in a whole new way with this easy lamp. Simply fill a lantern with ornaments and spread a string of white lights throughout.

13. Doorknob Display

Doorknob DisplaySource: Casa e Jardim

Turn any doorway into a warm welcome. Bundle some ornaments together with ribbon and tie them to a knob, either at the front door or another room of the house.

14. Topiary

TopiarySource: Southern Scraps

Show off ornaments in a blooming display. To make, spray-paint a foam ball, then attach ornaments using hot glue. Be sure to work randomly rather than in rows, and finish it off with sprigs of greenery or ribbon.

15. Vase

VaseSource: Mamma Papera

For elegant and festive table decor, turn ornaments into delicate flower vases. Simply create a base so the sphere will stand on its own, remove the hanging top, and fill with water and bits of greenery.

16. Shadow Box

Shadow BoxSource: Adriana L via Pinterest

Fill a shadow box with little ornaments, add a glittery paper backdrop, and stick on vinyl letters spelling out a festive sentiment. You can hang this on the wall or prop it up on a shelf for a merry reminder of the holidays.

17. Tree Mobile

Tree MobileSource: Not Martha

For a truly dramatic display, hang ornaments in the form of a tree. You’ll need jewelry string, a steamer rack, and 100 ornaments!

18. Candlestick Toppers

Candlestick ToppersSource: Organize Your Stuff Now

Put ornaments on a pedestal. Simply glue them to the tops of candlestick holders and exhibit on the mantle or tabletop.

If you have more ornaments than your tree can hold, put them to good use with these clever and inexpensive decorating ideas. Or better yet, buy a new batch of baubles so you can turn them into something fun and fresh. There’s no such thing as too many ornaments around the holidays!


  • Kathy Crawford

    Love the ideas, I like to decorate with ornaments. They say Christmas wherever you put them.

    • couponscom

      Hi Kathy,
      That is so true! We love ornaments, too. They’re so colorful and pretty, and really add some holiday spirit wherever they are. :)

    • couponscom

      Hi Kathy,
      That is so true! We love ornaments, too. They’re so colorful and pretty, and really add some holiday spirit wherever they are. :)

  • http://www.ipneo.xyz country domains list

    I adore , adore all of these ideas. I plan on picking one and I can’t wait to get started. However, now I have to go find a bunch of ornaments in different sizes. If anyone out here has any clues as to a place to grab a bunch of ornaments at a decent price, since we need a lot, please post.

    • http://www.ipneo.xyz country domains list

      Dollar store!