Fabulous Wedding Gifts with a Personal Touch

Wedding season is in full swing—what a festive time to celebrate love, family, friends and the beautiful new couple. If you have multiple weddings to attend, the more the merrier! But let’s be honest: That can take a big bite out of your budget. This week, we’ll talk about how you can celebrate the bride and groom without going broke.

Gift registries can make wedding gift shopping a breeze, but they can sometimes feel a little impersonal.  If you like to give gifts with a more personal touch, we came up with a few ways you can add “personality” to common registry gifts. The couple gets what they need and you get to express how much you care.

Registry Item: Cookware

Personal Touch: You can buy a 3-ring recipe binder for under $20. Add one of your own family recipes to each section (appetizer, vegetable, poultry, dessert) to get them started.

Registry Item: Vacuum

Personal Touch: Buy them a monogrammed doormat displaying their newly joined initials. Now there will be less dirt for that new vacuum to clean up.

Registry Item: Bath Towels

Personal Touch: Roll up the towels, add a few candles or bath soaps, and put together a spa basket using coupons for lotions, bubble bath, soap, and other soothing essentials.

Registry Item: Vase

Personal Touch: Have fresh flowers delivered to their house so they can use their new gift. Just make sure that the flowers arrive after the honeymooners get home.

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Registry Item: Cookbooks

Personal Touch: Get a discount gift certificate from Restaurant.com for a night they don’t feel like cooking. You can get $25 certificate for just $10. Check out the Local Coupons tab for offers in your area.

Registry Item: Luggage

Personal Touch: Include a set of his & her or Mr. & Mrs. luggage tags so they can head out on their honeymoon in style (and have an easier time spotting their bags in baggage claim).

Final Tip: If you have to attend multiple wedding/bridal events, it can get expensive. To keep from overspending, choose an overall gift budget per couple/bride and allocate a percentage to each occasion. For example, 15% on the engagement present, 25% on the shower, and 60% on the wedding.