Coconut Oil: Miracle Care for Your Dog or Cat

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Everyone is raving about the health care benefits of coconut oil for humans. But did you know that coconut oil can benefit your pets as well? Coconut oil is high in vitamin E and MCTs (middle chain triglycerides), including lauric acid and oleic acid, which make it a healing oil for both dogs and cats.

It’s also useful for grooming, as an aid to digestion and many other treatments for your dog, cat and other pets. Read more to see how coconut oil will benefit your four-legged friend!

Ear Mites and Ear Infections

dog ears

Coconut oil is pure and light, and it’s naturally antiviral and antibacterial. Add a few drops to your dog’s or cat’s ears, and it will clean the ear canal. By nature, it is soothing to the ear. It will also smother ear mites. This only needs to be done every day or two, and your pet’s ears will remain clean and healthy, especially during the summer.

Grooming the Natural Way

cat bath

When bathing your pet, put a few drops of coconut oil into the shampoo. This will act as a conditioner for the coat and will sooth irritated skin. It will also add a deodorizing scent.

Before grooming–especially if there are mats of fur or tangles–take a few drops of coconut oil on your hands and work through the fur. Let sit for a few minutes before grooming. You will find that the mats comb through much easier and tangles fall right out. Working a small amount into kitty’s coat while petting will help the mats stay away.

cat grooming

For hot spots, each day work a few drops of coconut oil into the irritated areas and leave on. Coconut oil is naturally soothing because of the high vitamin E content.

Digestion Problems

dogs eat coconut oil

As with humans, dogs can be fed coconut oil with their food at the rate of a tablespoon per day. For cats, feed about one to two teaspoons. You will find that this helps digestion and skin and coat health.

There are even claims that it will improve a pet’s disposition and bad doggie breath.This is due to the same properties that aid humans: MCTs. MCTs improve energy, heart health and overall absorption of nutrients into the body. Coconut oil helps to neutralize a variety of toxins in the body and fights both bacteria and fungus in and on the body.

Coconut oil is tasty, and pets love it. It is as good for pets as it is for humans, so you may find it a treat that you and your pet enjoy sharing. For a myriad of small problems and daily health issues, coconut oil is definitely worth having on the shelf.

Try another use of coconut oil with our DIY Coconut Oil Makeup Remover. You’d be surprised of the many great uses of coconut oil for just about everyone and everything.


  • Lee McMullan

    Fantastic Article! Coconut oil is amazing for dogs! We incorporate it in our sauce for dogs called KetchPup®!
    Doggy Meal Deal™ – KetchPup® Fetch Fries® Burger Bone™

  • Jessica Bain

    I’m glad I found this article! I was just doing some research to ensure that it is safe for cats to consume. EVERY single time I get coconut oil out of the cabinet, my cat goes crazy. So I’ve been giving him a little and he loves it! I’m glad to read that it has benefits for him too! :)

    • couponscom

      Hi Jessica,
      We’re glad you found this article, too! We hope your kitty is enjoying his coconut oil, along with snuggles and lounging in the sunlight. ;)

  • Just Chillin’

    Glad to finally find out why my dog licks my legs after I put coconut oil on to moisturize them. I don’t know how many times she has heard “Quit licking!”.

    • couponscom

      It’s always a bit surprising to find out some of the things our pets will like. At least now you know it’s not harmful in any way to your pup! :) Thanks for reading!