11 Detox Waters for a Slimmer Summer

11 Detox Waters for a Slimmer Summer

Toss the soda and start sipping the stuff that makes you slim and healthy! Detox waters are all the rage and for good reason. They’re a delicious, refreshing alternative to high-sugar sodas. Easy to make and easy to enjoy.

Did you know that drinking just one soda per day is the equivalent of eating 35 pounds of sugar in a year? That ends up equaling more than 15 pounds of body fat added–all from one can of pop!

Of course, once you’ve got a soda habit, it’s sometimes hard to stop. Detox waters offer a great substitute. They use fresh fruits to add flavor to healthy, hydrating water. No added calories, no extra sugar. Swap in detox waters and you’ll be well on your way to a slimmer summer. Here are a few of our favorites, plus an exclusive recipe for a detox mojito that’ll turn any summer night into a summer party!

Cucumber, Lemon and Mint Detox Water – This a classic spa water. The lemon and mint may aid digestion and the cucumber re-hydrates along with having anti-inflammatory properties.

Cucumber Lemon Mint Detox Water

Citrus Cucumber Detox Water  Your body will love this tasty detox water. It may help with bloating, detoxify the kidneys, and promote clear skin.

Citrus Cucumber Detox Water

Cravings Control Detox Water – This is a lovely combination of lemons, strawberries, apple, mint and cinnamon that not only tastes great, but may also give you a glowing complexion.

Cravings Control Detox Water

ACV Detox Water – Consider downing a glass of warm water with half a lemon or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar daily to detoxify your liver.

ACV Detox Water

Homemade Vitamin Fruit Detox Water – Bypass commercial vitamin fruit water loaded with sugar and chemicals for this at-home version that’s chock full of fresh fruit and herbs.

homemade vitamin fruit detox water

Strawberry Spa Detox  Water – Add fresh strawberries to your water and get a dose of vitamin C and healthy antioxidants with this drink.

Strawberry Spa Detox  Water

Raspberry, Kiwi, Peach Detox Water – This is full of fresh raspberries, kiwis and peaches, which taste so delightful you’ll forget that you’re taking in a healthy dose of fiber and vitamin C.

Raspberry Kiwi Peach Detox Water

Blueberry & Orange Detox Water – Here is a great recipe for blueberry and fresh mandarin orange water that turns plain water into a treat. Sip on this healthy soda replacement.

Blueberry & Orange Detox Water

Blackberry Mint Infused Detox Water – Jazz up a plain glass of water with this drink. Blackberries are highly nutritious and rich in antioxidants, so this infused sipper is a summer must!

Blackberry Mint Infused Detox Water

Cucumber Basil Detox Water – See how to transform sparkling water into a light and refreshing treat with the simple addition of strawberries, sliced cucumber and fresh basil. The basil sits in the water for about two hours in the fridge but is then removed before serving.

Cucumber Basil Detox Water

Tarragon Mint Detox Mojito (a Coupons.com Exclusive Recipe!)

Tarragon Mint Detox Mojito

Ingredients: 1 quart ice water, 2 limes (thinly sliced), ¼ cup fresh mint (coarsely chopped), ¼ cup fresh tarragon (coarsely chopped), 5-7 drops Stevia sweetener (optional)

Directions: Place all ingredients together in a large pitcher. Serve after allowing flavors to sit together for 20-30 minutes. Enjoy!

Before you shop: Any of these 11 detox waters will give your system a much needed boost. But you can also try adding more veggies to your diet while saying no to processed foods. Get in daily exercise and consider a detox bath or even a little dry brushing.

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