10 Great Products with a True Lifetime Warranty

It’s hard to find a good warranty these days. Things that should (and used to) last for years most often have limited, short term warranties today. And you have to pay a lot extra to purchase an extended or more thorough warranty.

So where can you find a really great warranty, a Lifetime Warranty? As the name suggests, a lifetime warranty runs for the expected lifetime of the product. Here are 10 of the best products that come with a lifetime warranty.

1. Briggs and Riley Luggage
At over $300 per item, this durable luggage is built to last. The lifetime warranty covers wear and tear, broken zippers, holes and other problems that travel inflicts on luggage. A standard 22” upright is about $300.

Available on Amazon, eBags and almost anywhere quality luggage is sold.

2. Cutco Cutlery
pamperedCutco guarantees that all its knife sets will last your entire lifetime. These deluxe knives are designed for variety of different tasks in the kitchen. The company is so confident in its product’s durability that it’s willing to replace knives 20 or 30 years after the original purchase if they become dull or rusted.

Cutco can only be purchased direct, via phone, catalog or sales person.

3. Tupperware
There is a reason Tupperware has been around forever. The products last.

Tupperware offers a limited lifetime warranty against hipping, cracking, breaking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product. If a product is damaged, just call their 800 number and they send you a new one pronto.

pepper4. Peugeot Elis U-Select Electric Pepper Mills
There is nothing like freshly ground pepper, but most mills eventually wear out. Unlike most electric mills, Peugeot’s are guaranteed against mechanical failure. If the gears wear out, or if the product stops working in any way, they will replace it.

The U-Select line features patented grind system, so the cook can select the desired size of grind. They start about $65 on Amazon, and at Williams and Sonoma you can even have it monogrammed.

eastpak5. EastPak
How many backpacks have you bought for your kids? Gym bags, duffel bags, computer bags…they all get worn out eventually, with broken zippers and straps. EastPak offers a 30 year warranty on their products (aside from normal wear and tear). They may not have the latest character designs, but they will last and last. They also have a really fun retro line to choose from.

6. Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef offers high-quality stainless steel cookware that is intended to last a lifetime. This cookware makes a great wedding gift; the lifetime warranty guarantees that young married couples will be able to replace the cookware when they’re ready to cook for their grandchildren.

You don’t have to purchase Pampered Chef at a party or know a distributor– you can purchase right online.

green egg7. Big Green Egg Ceramic Grill
The Big Green Egg Ceramic Grill is an American-designed ceramic cooker that grills, smokes and bakes. The smaller versions start about $450, and the larger one over $750 and up, plus accessories such as pizza ovens. With that price comes with lifetime warranty guaranteeing that if your grill is overpowered by rust, smoke stains or other problems rendering it unusable, you can get a replacement grill quickly.

You won’t find a Big Green Egg at your local Home Depot, warehouse store or even online. Look for a Big Green Egg store or dealer near you using their Dealer Locator, or check out the more upscale back yard design stores in your area.

8. Redhead Socks
Socks with a lifetime warranty? Who knew! Redhead Socks’ lifetime warranty won’t help you if you lose a sock in the dryer, but if your socks wear out or get full of holes, you can get a replacement pair for free.

Look for these socks at outdoorsy retailers like Gander Mountain, or basspro.com.

girls-8217-multi-half-dome-pullover-hoodie-A8B4_H8E_hero9. North Face
I was thrilled to read on Northface’s web site that if a product is defective or fails, like a zipper breaking, they will replace the item for free, for the life of the item. This does not include normal wear and tear however.

You can buy Northface almost anywhere.


tranquility10. Hammacher Schlemmer
This 166 year old retailer and catalog merchant says “We make an unconditional and unwavering promise: Our merchandise is guaranteed for life.”
They carry a wide variety of unique items in multiple categories including apparel, home goods, outdoor living, sports, toys and wellness and fitness products. Everything is 100% guaranteed.

They also have an amazing section called “The Unexpected” where you can buy items for the someone who has everything, including a $2.7 million dollar 5-person submarine, a golf cart hover craft, and your very own Tranquility Pod – just $30,000.

Free shipping this month, on all orders over $99.