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HOW TO SAVE $2,528


Whether you are the type to splurge or you clutch your purse strings with an iron fist, we all want to save money. By saving money when we go shopping it allows us to stretch our dollars further and do greater things for our families. And more and more, online coupon codes are allowing consumers to do just that - even when they are shopping for items from major retailers and big brands from the comfort of their home.

Since nearly all online retailers now accept a promo code or online coupon code when making a purchase, it has become easy to save thousands of dollars on big-ticket items like a new dishwasher for your home or a Back to School wardrobe for your child. That can be a lifesaver when times are tough and unexpected purchases come up. In fact, since the start of the recession in 2009, the use of online coupon codes has grown 263 percent!

How can you use a promo code or coupon code to get the items you want for the absolute best price? We put some of today's biggest hot-ticket items through the code database to find how the average consumer could save thousands of dollars. Take a look at the coupon codes infographic below and let us know how you've saved!

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Coupon Codes Infographic - How to Save $2,528
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