Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever


Valentine’s Day can put a lot of pressure on a guy (or girl). Red roses and chocolates have practically become a February 14 requirement. And if you forget them, watch out!

And the day of love isn’t for everyone! Some think… I love my significant other every day of the year, why all the pressure to show it on this one day? or I’m not wasting my money on impractical things like flowers and chocolate. It’s thinking like this that led many of our Facebook fans to receive the worst Valentine’s Day gift ever. So, if you’ve ever been disappointed on February 14, know you’re not alone.

We asked our fans and employees to share their stories and here’s what they had to say…

Lisa P.F. “A flashlight. And get this, my sister got one from her husband the same year. (maybe they shopped together?) LOL”

Kevin S.I got a sweatshirt that was way too small and too itchy. It was like one of those ugly christmas sweaters but for valentine’s day. It was terrible. I tried to donate it to the local thrift shop but even they wouldn’t take it!”

Laurie B.Yellow Roses. The symbol of friendship, really? (he also got me a wedding band when he proposed, thinking the diamond came at the wedding, really!?!)”

Danielle M.A canary yellow sweatshirt that was 2 sizes too small”

For others, anything would have been better than what they ended up with…

Kimberly L.K.Receiving nothing at all while I bought my husband a gift.”

Christy S.F.Getting nothing on my anniversary/valentines day when I spend weeks gathering items for gift bags for my children a husband”

And sometimes your gift can turn into a flop even if you had the best intentions…

Christine N. “I had received a box of melted chocolates before. It was a sad messy surprise.”

Helen F.Dead flowers. Well they weren’t supposed to be dead, but they arrived DOA”

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12 thoughts on “Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever

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  2. I remember getting lingerie multiple times as Valentines Day gifts. While I appreciated the gifts (they were lovely – he had awesome taste) it seemed they were more gifts for him than for me. ;)

  3. Ha, ha. I had that same sweater at the top of your post, about 15 years ago when sweaters like that weren’t “ugly” sweaters. Great suggestions, and funny comments!

  4. This was hilarious, I guess it’s the thought that counts, right? :-) Hopefully I’ll never end up on a list like this! :-) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Haha some of these are bad. I personally could go without a gift I would much rather go do something fun or cuddle up to a movie and some treats, but if someones going to buy me a gift i would like it if they put some thought into it rather than just grabbing any ol thing.

  6. I don’t feel you need to actually Buy a Gift for each other.. How about a beautiful card and a nice Dinner somewhere…. If you insist on buying a gift get good chocolate, or Fine Jewelry… Happy Valentines Day!!

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