Win Free Groceries for a Year

We’re giving away $5,000 to one lucky winner this spring! Depending on the size of your family, that could feed your household for an entire year—or at least make a pretty big dent in your grocery bill.

Of course, there are other ways to stretch your budget:

Never shop without a list. Before you step foot in a store, do your homework—organize your coupons, peruse store ads and make a shopping list. Use the popular GiQ smartphone app to create lists that you can sync with everyone in your household.

Shop weekly. Break your grocery budget down to a weekly amount and stick to it. If you think “monthly,” you may overspend on extras at the beginning of the month and run short at the end.

Shop around. You might find a great deal on meat at one store, but better prices on produce at another. Go where the deals are. Also, be smart about buying items in bulk. Do the math before spending a big chunk on one food item—make sure it’s worth the savings to stock up.

Whether it feeds your family for 6, 9 or 12 months, wouldn’t it be awesome to win $5,000?! We’re pulling for you! But you can’t win unless you enter.



13 thoughts on “Win Free Groceries for a Year

  1. It would be awsome to win $5,000 in free groceries…. some monthes its a squeeze to be able to buy groceries. Thank goodness for coupons!

  2. For a Single mother of 3 growing kids this would really help out and help me shop healthier for my children.

  3. Wow , Were a family of 3 on a fixed income.$ 5,000 in Food would be a blessing. We do organize with coupons. Thank you for the chance to win.

  4. I take care of an elder lady and do all of Her shopping. Printing coupons and seeing the savings on my phone is so helpful and saves me time. Saving money for her is the least I could do!

    • awesome. I am trying to learn how to save down here in Fl. not 1 greocry store does double coupons right now. some do buy 1 get 1 frees. I have been buying weekly np to get my stock of coupons up. I just wish we had double coupons down here! Great job keep it up!!

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