What’s Your Couponing Personality?

Is couponing a past time or an active adventure for you? Check how your couponing habits line up in our “What’s Your Couponing Personality?” quiz below. Let us know your result by 9/30/12 and you may receive a free 1-year membership to our Savings Club! To be eligible, you must be not be an existing member to Savings Club and submit your answer in one of the following ways: email your answer to CouponPersonality@coupons.com, follow @coupons and then tweet it using hashtag #CouponPersonality, or post it in a comment  below at blog.coupons.com



74 thoughts on “What’s Your Couponing Personality?

  1. I’m new to the coupon world, and am expecting my first baby, I’m excited about the huge savings out there and am definitely going to need them.

  2. I got Supper Saver, I never shop without coupons, I map out every transaction I make and I absolutely love coupons.com espically when i find great coupons for every day items i already buy.

  3. I am a “Super Saver!”… I have two toddlers, and am the only income as my husband is working in an externship for medical school, so every penny counts in my house!

  4. I want to coupon, because I know it would help us out financially, I just don’t know how to make it work for the best and really get a lot of savings at one time and I am very busy.

  5. I am a Super Saver. I never go shopping without my coupon binder, plan my purchases around what is on sale and can be combined with coupons and have been known to dance in the aisles when I find a great deal!

  6. I have all the coupon sites stream into my facebook, i print coupons as they appear and fill the binder. I download the weeks ads from the stores we frequent and match the sales. Binder comes to every store that accepts coupons. Most weeks I save at least what I spend sometimes I save twice as much. My store manager shakes his head when he sees me coming.

  7. I’m about 6 months in. I’m a cross between an A and a C!

    I cut paper coupons, scour the websites and compare flyers. Although it may take me more time than most as a novice, but I’m learning to save like the pros!

  8. I answered all Ds! It describes me to a T. I haven’t been getting newspapers as much lately, but I always find great coupons online!

  9. I’m a stone age saver. I don’t like to do meal planning that much but I do find as many coupons as I can for things that I buy regularly. I also like to get coupons to try out new things; why pay full price for something I might not even like?

  10. 1) D
    2) D
    3) C
    I’m a super saver! I never leave home without my coupon binder! I have a family of 4 including a 2 yr old still in diapers, so couponing is very important to me! I am able to save money on the things I need to be able to do the things I really want and my family will enjoy!

  11. My answers are ALL D’s. I love to coupon! I get the coupon inserts from the paper EVERY Sunday, and I check the coupons.com website monthly for new and updated coupons. Whenever I shop at Wal-Mart, I get 2 copies of the All-You magazine EVERY month, and then I will check the Harris Teeter Website for their weekly sales circular (they have DOUBLE COUPONS EVERYDAY!)

  12. This is great and so looking forward to receiving coupons and the right way to get the most valve for my money. I am the “STONE AGE SAVER” mostly C’s.

  13. It says I’m a Stone Age Saver but in actuality I print a lot of my coupons from online and use apps for savings but the answers for the questions didn’t match that very well. I would like to see a quiz with more questions :)

  14. A/C/A; Coupon Convert!
    Getting married and moving soon so we’re tight on money and now learning the joys of this fun and very useful hobby. Started a binder, just need more coupons that I can use! Super Saver, here I come!

  15. I scored two D’s and a B. I think I qualify as a super saver. But I would like a free membership to Coupons.com to really get an extra bang for my buck!

  16. 2 A’s and 1 B – Coupon Convert…definitely true! I’ve only just started finally using coupons, and still have a lot to learn about the technique of saving lots with them!

  17. I’d LOVE to win the 1 yr. membership to the Savings Club!!! I took the quiz and i’m between a C and a D…I get made fun of by my kids and mom for getting so addicted to couponing, but it saves me so much money and I am a single mom of 4, so I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE couponing!! People stop me and ask me about my coupon binder in the stores and want to know how to get started and I direct them to the websites to do a free tutorial… :-) <3

    • Hi Kylee, Congrats on crossing a number of couponing categories! Don’t worry – we’ll make sure to get information to you about the opportunity for a free year of the Savings Club.

  18. Not all coupons save money. The product; manufacturers know that and are pushing their products. Good to have savings on products we do buy though: but, many times no products are on the shelves fpr coupons.. I used to buy 6 of an items when on sale only and otherwise only one of what we needed and were out of. Used to coupons in younger years, Plus, sometimes coupons from newspapers and mailed to home coupons stayed in kitchen drawer toooo long and expired. Love the store mailed couons and now putting coupons on my savings card via ecoupon. …easy peasy too. Make a list of what needed or print out the stores list they have site for.
    we may be reborn couponers if only we had double coupon day. Lots of savings we don’t know about. Last thought most stores price matching policys. So bring in your ad if you wish to shop in one store is my advise.

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