What to Do After Christmas Infographic

Now that the festivities are over, check out our ‘What to Do After Christmas’ infographic for a list of fun activities to help you wrap up 2013 and get ready for 2014. Our list includes everything from tips on turning leftovers into something new, wise ways to return or exchange gifts, and how to save money by stocking up and shopping the best after Christmas sales of the year.

What to Do After Christmas Infographic



69 thoughts on “What to Do After Christmas Infographic

  1. The returns is huge! I never want to face the mall at this time of year, but things that don’t fit or suit me often get left too long… and what a waste that becomes! :)

  2. I will go nuts shopping the after Christmas Sales for Gifts for my Husband and my Son who have the same day Birthdays on January 15th.

  3. I like stocking up for next year right after Christmas. It’s a wonderful reminder to make sure to take time out to do fun things with the family. We sometimes get all wrapped up in getting things ready for Christmas, that we forget to make time for the important things.

  4. I’m shopping the after Christmas sale– New Christmas cards, and wrapping paper==stocking up now to save for next year

  5. I love the idea about waiting to return things. Definitely waiting until things aren’t so crazy so I can return items with out hassle.

  6. Some good ideas for saving money! Thanks. I actually bought a birthday gift for a friend yesterday, and her birthday isn’t until June. She’s gonna love it, though, and she’ll never know it was 50% off.

  7. I love this time of the year…the sales are great! The best part for me, however, is with a little extra time off from work, I get lots of snuggle time with my kiddos!

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