The Most Frugal Places in the U.S.


Living a frugal lifestyle is something to celebrate! It’s rewarding when you can find ways to save on groceries, travel, entertainment and other expenses. That’s why, each year, we like to celebrate the most frugal places in America. To come up with our list, we look at the previous year’s coupon usage in major metropolitan areas—and now this year’s results are in. Read on and find out if your city made the cut. 

Most Frugal City: Orlando 

Orlando knows how to save! This member of the sunshine state has earned the title of America’s Top Frugal City for 2013. Orlando kicked Atlanta out of first place, a title they held for several years. And not far behind is another city in Florida. Tampa takes second place. 

Most Frugal State: Ohio 

Ohio is the only state with three cities on the list—Cleveland (#7), Columbus (#13) and Cincinnati (#18). Ohio’s been unbeatable for a couple of years now.

Most Frugal Region: The Midwest

The Midwest is home to the most frugal cities, with Cleveland (#7) leading the way followed by Kansas City (#38), Indianapolis (#11), St. Louis (#12), Columbus (#13), Cincinnati (#18), Minneapolis (#21), Milwaukee (#22) and Chicago (#23). The southeast region took second place with eight cities.

Honorable Mentions: Raleigh and Indianapolis

Kudos to these two cities for increasing their frugal savvy the most this year. They made the biggest jumps over last year’s lists with Raleigh moving up to the number 10 spot, from number 36 in 2012 and Indianapolis moving up 16 spots to number 11. Keep up the good work!

Here’s the complete list: 

The 25 top Most Frugal Cities are Orlando (#1), Tampa (#2), Washington D.C. (#3), Nashville (#4), Charlotte (#5), Atlanta (#6), Cleveland (#7), Kansas City (#8), Denver (#9), Raleigh (#10), Indianapolis (#11), St. Louis (#12), Columbus (#13), San Francisco (#14), Philadelphia (#15), Virginia Beach (#16), Phoenix (#17), Cincinnati (#18), Dallas (#19), Boston (#20), Minneapolis (#21), Milwaukee (#22), Chicago (#23), Pittsburgh (#24), and Providence (#25).



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  2. I live about an hour from minneapolis. I come from a very frugal minnesota family and have a very frugal family

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