The Best Things to Buy in May

Get ready to party! May is a month full of celebrations with Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, graduations, bridal showers and engagement parties. It can be hard on your wallet, but there are several ways to save. Here are some of the best things to buy in May.

  • This month, score deals on cookware, china and small kitchen appliances like blenders or coffeemakers. Basically anything that would make a good graduation or wedding gift will go on sale.

Extra tip: The prices may go down even further throughout the month, so save receipts and take advantage of price adjustments.

  • Nab a deal on a mattress in May, especially around Memorial Day weekend. Stores are making room for new inventory, plus they’re expecting graduations and weddings to boost business, so they’ll try to stay competitive.

Extra tip: Don’t automatically purchase the box spring paired with your favorite mattress. A high-end mattress on a lower-priced box spring will likely work just fine.

  • Chocolates and flowers and jewelry, oh my! These gift ideas will go on sale as families prepare to pamper mom on Mother’s Day.

Extra tip: There are coupon codes galore. Right now, save 15% on Mother’s Day-themed cookies, cakes and more at Cheryl & Co.

  • Fire up your grill, it’s BBQ season. In preparation for Memorial Day, expect sales on condiments, soda, charcoal and other BBQ essentials.

Extra tip: Need grilling supplies? Retailers tend to offer deep discounts in mid-May and early June to entice shoppers away from their competitors.

  • With all the parties and celebrations on tap, look for stores to discount decorations and disposable dining products (cups, plates, tablecloths, etc.).

Extra tip: Pair coupons with in-store sales for the biggest savings.

Final Word: In May, people are graduating, celebrating, planning weddings and preparing for vacations. If a product screams new home, new season, new life event, look for it to go on sale this month.



2 thoughts on “The Best Things to Buy in May

  1. You must be joking to think I’d ever quit using coopuns. I even used them when we were stationed overseas. They were a bit more difficult to get but I was fortunate to have them sent to me by family & friends.I do not mind sharing coopuns and deals with others while I’m in the store doing my own shopping. Helping others save just makes me feel good inside, we all are having it rough with the ecominic times now a days and a SMILE and a thank you means so much.

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