10 Bizarre Tax Deductions Infographic

Tax Deductions

Tax season is in full swing, but you still have time to crunch those numbers before April 15. If you’re looking to get back more money from your tax refund then look no further. Check out these 10 bizarre tax deductions to help you save money when filing. But if all else fails, see our tax software deals and get some tax relief.

10 Bizarre Tax Deductions Infographic



138 thoughts on “10 Bizarre Tax Deductions Infographic

  1. Some of these are just funny! A whaling deduction, but only for Native Americans, and cowboy boots! I’ll have to remember the pet deduction, I KNEW my chihuahuas could earn their keep SOMEHOW! ;)

  2. To funny! I never would imagine the swimming pool being a deductible. I have to show these to my daughter just for a laugh :)

  3. Some of these are really funny. I seem to remember hearing about a guy that was able to deduct the cost of his swimming pool because he said he used it for fire protection. He lived out in the country.

  4. So interesting, most of these are for business owners/working from home owners though. Good for them for getting their deductions! We shouldn’t be taxed so much when there’s so much wasteful spending.

  5. Heh, maybe I should become an ostrich farmer. Most of these seem to be very specific medical related expenses, though, and I have quite a few medical problems. Maybe someday I’ll get a weird deduction too.

  6. I think it would be great to deduct the cost of a swimming pool or organic foods as a medical expense. These were interesting deductions.

  7. I’ve heard of the guard dog one. Someone who fixed my dryer took his dog with him in his truck (guarding his tools) and was able to deduct the dog’s food, vet care, etc. Pretty cool.

  8. Do DIY and decorating bloggers get to deduct the cost of their thrift store expeditions as a business expense? We need to know!!

  9. SOME of these I have heard of, like the guard dogs- for if you need a good guard dog in some businesses, of course it’s a business expense! Like if you need a home office- there is some way to deduct something with that!
    LOL the boots not being taxed in Texas… excellent!

  10. wow, those are some interesting deductions. i guess i’m glad i don’t have a medical need for much more than i already use/do

  11. Those are crazy deductions. On the positive side, I am hoping to take tax preparation classes this summer to save money. Next year…

  12. It’s getting closer and closer to Tax Day, and this really was a fun, tax, stress- buster post for me! Thank you! So interesting, theses deductions, but if you can prove it relates to your business or health as an expense, it should be deductible..even if it is hilarious at times!

  13. wow there are great facts that I never knew about… now the money I save can go towards things I actually want to spend my money on, growitgirl.com knows what i’m sayin ;)

  14. My husband has a home office but I would never think to deduct the cost of landscaping as a business expense. I have no plans to try it.

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