Socialbliss Unboxing Video – May 2014

socialbliss unboxing

Here is my Style Box by Socialbliss unboxing video. Each subscription box is $39.95 for one month, but I did the three-month plan where the price per box ended up being $37. The box included a selection of trendy beauty and fashion items.


socialbliss style box

  • The Spa Package: Not something that I see myself using, but I think it would make for a great gift. Retail Price $15
  • Wrist-Bliss Hair Ties: These should work really well for my natural hair since they don’t pull or tug. Retail Price $4
  • The Lash Lifter – Mini Eyelash Curler: One of my favorite items from the Style Box because I’ve been in need of an eyelash curler for a while. Retail Price $7
  • Izzy & Ali – Mini Maven Coin Purse: Honestly, I don’t keep a lot of spare change around, so I don’t see myself using this coin purse. But I’m sure someone else will love it and use it for some other sort of storage. Retail Price $39
  • Fountain of Youth – Lift Fusion: Even though I’m pretty good in the fine lines and wrinkles department, I will definitely keep and use this product because it seems like a great value for what it says it can do for your skin. Retail Price $140

The Style Box by Socialbliss definitely gives you an assortment of both beauty and fashion products that are worth at least $100. I really was in need of a couple of the items from my May box, including the eyelash curler and the Lift Fusion, which had the best value. But overall, I wouldn’t say that the box is worth the monthly price. There are other subscription services out there that give you products of equal value for half the cost.

Before you shop: If you’re looking for a beauty box that will give you a great deal for the cost, then try Ipsy for only $10 a month. Or even try the Fancy box to get an array of interesting, handpicked items from

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