Savings Club Creative Blog Winner Announcement!

We are pleased to announce Nathan E. as the winner of the Savings Club Birthday Creative Blog Contest! Nathan went the extra mile making this blog post – including producing a video and highlighting exclusive Savings Club coupons.  View Nathan’s original post at and AND sign up for a free 1-year Savings Club membership.

 It’s FREE!!! Learn Your Mission from 007MrC if You Choose to Watch!

If You Do Not See The Video,Click Here.

Hello Savers, it’s 007 here, Mr Coupon that is. My mission is to tell you: IT’S FREE!!! The Savings Club is FREE!! Simply Join NOW and get an entire YEAR FREE!! (Normally $30!!!)  I personally have NOT joined the Savings Club, and why you ask, well that’s easy, because it costs $30 a year LOL. The Savings Club gives you access to better, higher value coupons. It’s really simple, become a Savings Club member, and save MORE!! It’s that easy!!


In order to sign up, click this link, or read our post about it here. Now you’ll need to give your credit card information to, BUT they won’t charge you for a year,and BEFORE they charge you, they will give you a warning via email. (They require a credit card to cut down on fraud). We believe this is a great deal, especially for coupon savers who couldn’t justify spending $30 a year, but would take advantage for a YEAR LONG free offer!! 

So after reading all that, what exactly is the Savings Club? Well here are some of the benefits:

  • Better coupons. Save more on the products you buy every day.
  • Early access. Get new offers before your friends.
  • Don’t believe me, just look at a few ACTIVE offers with the Savings Club and see how they stack up against current, or recent printable coupons!!

So sign up!!!! It’s super easy, and WORTH IT!! We are couponers, LOL!!! We love printable coupons!! I for one love to be able to get even sweeter deal!!




6 thoughts on “Savings Club Creative Blog Winner Announcement!

  1. Any chance that a Paypal option will be added instead of having to input our credit card info? Thanks for all the great coupons! ;)

    • We have no immediate plans to add Paypal as a payment method. However, thank you for your question and we will keep it in mind as we make future improvements to the program!

  2. Thanks for the free membership~what a blessing. Never thought I would see something this great be FREE. What a blessing! Sure hope it really it is like it says it is or my husband is gonna have my head on a platter.

  3. Hi Im Shani and Im completly new to the coupon using . I have seen several shows on grouponing and i would love for someone to teach me on how to do it . i am a mother of two and shopping has become very expensive when you dont have a good job to help carry the wait .

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