Fall Wardrobe Essentials: Transition Your Closet from Summer to Fall

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Can smell the pumpkin spice latte in the air? It’s official: Today marks the last day of summer and the beginning of all things fall. It’s time to put away the sandals and break out the cardigans. And even though the warmer days are behind you, you can easily transition your summer wardrobe to fall by following these easy fashion tips.

  • Winter clothes on a hanger in the closet.Not sure where to start? Head to your closet and simply reorganize. Move your summer pieces to the back and put your long-sleeve sweaters, knit cardigans and the like in the front so they are easy to see and wear. You might also be surprised at how many great pieces you already own when you freshen up your closet with this simple trick.
  • Style with autumn staples like scarves, hats and beanies. Of course, you can wear these accessories in the summer but transition them to fall by dressing them up in fall color tones. Accessories like these serve the purpose of keeping you both stylish and warm.
  • The temperatures are falling, but that doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of all your warm weather attire. You can continue to wear your summer shorts and skirts as long as you add a pair of opaque tights underneath to freshen up for fall.
  • cut out bootsOne of the biggest fall trends this year is cutout boots. Cutout ankle boots are a fun way to turn any look from casual to chic while also amping up your style IQ. But if cutouts aren’t your thing, then stick with knee-high boots, which are a definite fall classic.
  • Last but not least, learn to layer in fall colors. Begin by color coordinating in traditional fall hues like deep oranges, bold burgundies, jewel-toned emeralds and rich olive greens. Layering is the word of the season because it’s the quickest way to add style with the pieces you have in your closet. Draping a scarf around your neck or bundling a coat over a sweater is a surefire way to transition yourself from a summer beach bum to a fall fashionista.

One more tip: Don’t feel like you have to dress like a New Yorker attending a fashion show when it comes to revamping your summer to fall wardrobe. Wear what makes you comfortable and when in doubt: layer, layer, layer.  Looking for more promo codes to help you save?  Check out Suzy Codes for great offers.




32 thoughts on “Fall Wardrobe Essentials: Transition Your Closet from Summer to Fall

  1. I like to relax by reading on the couch. Even better is if something is cooking in the crock pot and making a wonderful aroma fill the house.

  2. I love to relax in the fall by cuddling up in layers of blankets with hot apple cider and a good book. I’m not a huge fan of cold weather, but I do love blankets and hooded sweat shirts!

  3. Autumn is my favorite time of year. The hot days have turned to mild, with cooler nights. It makes it easier to sleep, and the weather is perfect for outdoor activities. I love taking my dogs for long walks during the fall. There are so many things for them to see and smell, and the mild weather keeps me energized so we can walk longer and further than most other times of year.

  4. I love fall clothing, with switching to boots and tights with my work dresses and adding a scarf and cardigan, it makes the transition and easy and stylish one!

  5. Great suggestions! I need to pull out those long sleve shirts and sweaters. Love to layer and love the coolness of fall. Taking long walks in the cooler weather to look at changing leaves relaxes me. Also backyard campfires with smores.

  6. i love Fall, even with all the back to school/halloween bustle, the season and all of us just seem to BREATHE and relax- maybe because we aren’t stresed about being in a swimsuit or tan enough- with sweaters and pants, we feel comforted and comfortable. add some scarfs and chunky necklaces and we feel bo-ho and suddenly chic! Add some hot chocolate and warm pie, and we totalyl destress!

  7. it’s a funny thing i’m sure to some, but I love to get out all my fall decorations 2 weeks before Halloween and unpack the fall and winter clothes. I love my comfy winter clothes. It’s always a nice day.

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