Enter Our Mother’s Day $1,000 Contest

In honor of Mother’s Day, if you tell us why your mom rocks, you could be eligible to win a $1,000 Visa gift card in our “Hey Mama” Facebook contest! How cool is that?

But before you start writing, think about the possibilities—what would YOU do with $1,000? The first place our minds went is “shopping spree,” of course. But there are several other fun ways to celebrate Mom, as well. Here are a few of them:

A day for family. For many moms, “family time” equals cooking, cleaning, and a variety of other mom-like duties. With $1,000, you could hire a cleaning service for a few months and give Mom a much-needed break. Let someone else do the heavy lifting while your family treats Mom to a new outfit (complete with designer shoes), wines and dines her at her favorite restaurant and enjoys a family-sized “staycation” with local walking tours, a movie matinee or trips to an art gallery.

A day for relaxing. What’s a busy, hard-working mom really need? A few minutes of peace. With $1,000, you can give her 24 hours, at least. Rent a hotel room at a luxury hotel in your city, stock her room with her favorite beverages and snacks, leave a new iPad on the table and give her iTunes credit to load it with music and apps. Book her a massage and facial at an onsite or nearby spa then top it off by paying for her room service.

A day for indulging. Mothers are notorious for putting themselves last when it comes to spending. So what about giving your mom the $1,000 Visa gift card with one stipulation: She has to spend it all on herself.  New clothes, cool shoes, a designer handbag, new home décor, a spa visit, a nice bottle of wine, apps or books for her iPad or Kindle, music for her iPod, and the list goes on—she could indulge her tastes and spend money on herself without any guilt or buyer’s remorse!

Don’t miss your chance to enter this fabulous contest and then ask your friends to vote. You could make this a Mother’s Day to remember.



18 thoughts on “Enter Our Mother’s Day $1,000 Contest

  1. My mom “ROCKS” because she loves me for who I am and she loves me for being a strong woman like she taught me to be. She understands that sometimes I need her like I did when I was little, but also understands that I am there for her when she needs me, too. She is my guardian angel and will always be looking out for me. I my love for her is an endless love…….a love that she taught me to teach my own children. She is the most amazing woman that GOD could have blessed me to and I am glad to call her “MOM”!

  2. She always thought of us kids first! She would do without so we can have everything we needed! She could cook,garden,can,clean,iron,sew,do crafts,and even though she never worked outside of the home she rarely set still and always found things to do and to teach us! Thanks mom…you are awesome!

  3. My mom is the most amazing woman I’ve ever known! She works a full-time job and holds a stake calling in her church. She gives willingly of her time, talents, and money to help others in need. I’ve never known her to turn down an opportunity to help make somebody’s life a little bit better. Most recently, my mom was there for me as I gave birth to my first, beautiful baby in February. It was a most incredible experience, and I’m so thankful that I had her there with me! She deserves to be able to have some time for herself. I know that she could use some new clothes. She is always sacrificing to make sure that her children have everything they need, even if it means that she stretches her clothing and shoes a little bit longer than they should go. Thanks for the chance to win this for her!

  4. My mom rocks because she has always done everything for me that I have wanted or needed!! She’s a smart beautiful amazing women! She is also a fantastic Grandma to my children!! Love my Mom!

  5. Me name is Jessica I am 13, my mom has had Ms for 11 years. She has to use devices to get around, her legs are not working correctly. She is a single mom that try’s to do the best for me. I love her very much.

  6. I would love for my mom to be able to get out of the house for an hour a day. She spends all her time playing with my little sister and making sure things are ready for me when I get home so we can do things together. I think my mom needs clothes but my mom always says she needs to lose weight, so if I could get her a babysitter for an hour a day so she can go work out I think she would love it and then if there is any left, we can take her shopping for new clothes.

  7. My mom rocks because she is the most hard-working mother ever. She gave birth to our large family so we can all lean on one another. She has never stopped supporting us through all our life. Even though she is so old and tired, she always strives to do her best as a mother. Every time we go over to her house, she always cooks up something for us to eat. Her cooking is filled with so much love that we can never and will never get sick of it. My mom is the best grandmother ever. She loves all her grandchildren the same and will do anything for them. She always thinks of them whenever she goes shopping. Never does she buy anything for herself. Either she buys something for the house or she buys something for her grandchildren/children. She tells us all the time that she is happy to be our mother and we tell her all the time that we are happy to be her children. She tells us that she is sorry and old that she does not have money to support us. But she has so much love to give and that is all we need and want. Her love is what holds the family together and is the backbone of our lives. She is very generous with her love and her tender care is everlasting. She opens up her heart to all of her children/grandchildren and all those around her. She accepts everyone into her life and will care for them all the same. She has the biggest heart I know and is always considerate of other people. She always opens up her arms to be anyone’s mother. Despite all the sadness and hardships she has overcome in her impoverished childhood, she is able to continue to show us happiness throughout our lives.

  8. Thanks to my mom and her GOK (God Only Knows) fund, me and my siblings always had more than we asked: food, clothing, school (and yes, I didn’t ask for a scholarship) and anything that you wouldn’t imagine. There wheren’t coupons back then but still, she would always find a way to save and get the best price for what we needed or wanted.
    We we’re not rich, but still we had it all! Especially my mom’s dedication and love.
    I want to say thank you! You’re still the best Coupon Website, you’re a blessing to me and my family!!!

  9. If I won $1000 ? I would take a road trip with my family to Toronto, Canada. The trip was planned long ago, hasn’t happened because things kept coming up. May 6th 2011, someone shot my house, it was a drive by, May 22nd 2011 (within the same month) My house got hit by the tornado,took almost a year to get everything back on track, emotionally and financially.
    If I won the $1000, I would take that road trip:) and cross that off my “Want to do list”.

    My Mom, she is the backbone of my family. She is a calm, observing, listening mother. She is always there to share her helping hands to anybody. Not just within family members, but anybody that comes to her,she will willingly help. My mom is very loving and caring. She is a great mentor, I wish I could be more like her as a person.
    She doesn’t like flashy clothes or get aways, But i know she secretly loves Jewelry and designer bags (not flashy). If I could win this $$ I would get her a nice pair of earrings or a nice coach purse :)

    I love you mom :)

  10. My Mom really ROCKS because she is always so nice to everyone she meets. She is 74 yrs old, suffers from Parkinson’s and Regional Sympathetic Pain Disorder (RSD). She lives in an Assisted Living facility. Even though she is always in pain and can not use her left hand and her right hand is always shaking she is always so nice to everyone she sees. She tries to never complain, she is such an angel!

  11. I think that my mom rocks because she does all that she can do for us even though she is either tired, or hurting. she tries to give us the best of life she can, when she doesnt have the money to buy food she still manages to keep our belly’s full, and when we need school supplies she still gets us what we need and IF i win the 1,000 dollars for my mom i would most deffinetly take her somewhere where she can relax, and every time Mother;s day comes around i feel so bad that i cant afford anything for my mom because she does everything that she can do for me and my sister but i cant even get here a mother’s day gift, she used to getting home made cards and stuff from me and my sister, and she says she doesnt mind or its the thought that counts, i just wish i could finally do something nice for her just atleast one time. I hope you pick me and my mom i would be on happy girl and i would make my mom very happy.

  12. I think my fiancé deserves to win this contest because she is the most amazing , loving , caring mother that I know , who works her incredibly hard so her family can have what the need . We love her with all our heart and would move mountains for her .

  13. My mom rocks because she always gave so much of herself and asked for nothing in return. She was also very kind and giving. It’s been almost 24 years since she has been gone but her attributes are not forgotten and will be passed down to my children.

  14. My mom rocks. Because despite all the issues in her life (and she does have a lot) She always finds time to send with me. She has taught me so many things, and even though I am an adult I still love going over her house to cook or sew. Could not think of to many people who would be so deserving to win this, then my mom.

  15. I would buy a washer…..and extra laundry soap. I think all of us Mom’s could appreciate that for Mother’s Day! :)

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