DIY Beauty Gifts in Jars

To me, there’s nothing more gratifying than giving a handmade gift. I know it sounds cheesy, but the heartfelt aspect of making and giving just can’t be matched buying store-bought presents. In order to save money, time and sanity during the busy holiday season, I’ve learned (the hard way, some years) to find ideas that can be made ahead, multiplied and don’t require a ton of expensive specialty supplies.

With those three criteria in mind, it’s easy to understand why DIY beauty ideas, especially jar gifts are a staple of my holiday routine. Not only are they inexpensive to buy new, Mason jars are also incredibly easy to reuse! (If you want to be even more resourceful, shop your local thrift store for re-sealable containers, or upcycle candle, sauce or beverage jars.) Jazzing jars up so they’re under-the-tree ready is super easy too. Just get creative with whatever ribbon, fabric and yarn scraps, gift tags, labels and ornaments you have on-hand.

Below are some ideas for DIY beauty gifts ideally suited for gifting in jars. From gingerbread sugar scrubs to detox baths that’ll help cure holiday hangovers, there’s bound to be an idea in the mix you’ll love to make and give!

Body Scrubs


Clockwise from top left:

  • Brown sugar, olive oil and some pantry-staple spices is all you need to make this decadent DIY Gingerbread Scrub, spotted on Wallflower Girl. A perfect stocking-stuffer for all the sweet-tooths (or diabetics) in your life.
  • My favorite natural moisturizer, coconut oil, is paired up with freshly grated ginger, kosher salt and sugar in this Ginger and Coconut Oil Sugar Body Scrub, created by Food for my Family. It’s the ultimate skin softener, with a divinely tropical scent.
  • Known as natural fatigue-beaters and mood-lifters, fresh rosemary and peppermint essential oil infuse this Rosemary-Mint Sugar and Salt Scrub from with a wonderfully invigorating fragrance. A wonderful gift-idea for your daycare provider, retail-slave relatives or anyone battling the mid-winter blahs.
  • The pretty striped layers of this Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub from The Idea Room make it a winner in my book. Using a tall jar for this scrub will give your presentation maximum impact.

Bath Salts, Soaks + Fizzies


Clockwise from top left:

  • While these Lavender Heart Bath Melts from Bow Tied Beauty require a little more work than the average mix-and-go bath salts, they are easy to make and oh-so versatile—add a more salt and you’ll have a shower-scrub bar or leave it out and make post-shower massage bars.
  • As pretty as it is potent, this Flower Milk Bath with Wild Chamomile sits at the top my must-make list this year. The dried milk will work wonders on itchy winter skin, and the floral combination of oils and dried flowers will relax and refresh. Check out the full post at Fresh Picked Beauty for the full recipe and downloadable label.
  • Why pay out the nose for fancy bath bombs when you can make ‘em at home yourself? These magical, fun Bath Fizzies, recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart, make a delightful gift when packaged in a festive jar. Make a triple batch and you’ll practically be set for stocking stuffers come December 25th.
  • The ideal DIY gift for the detox junkies in your life, this Epsom Salt Detox Bath, found on the Gimme Some Style blog, is super easy to make and yet oh-so-very effective. A simple combination of Epsom salts, ground ginger, baking soda, mixed into a hot water bath can help flush toxins from the body, boosting overall well-being and immune system function. It also works wonders on nasty holiday hangovers.

Looking for more affordable DIY gift ideas? Visit our Money Saving Gifts Pinterest page for inspiration galore.



34 thoughts on “DIY Beauty Gifts in Jars

  1. What a great idea I love to go to the thrift stores and goodwill. I was wondering were to get these cute jars! I know for me there are so many people I need to get things for a what a better way to get them something personal and cute from the heart!

  2. So many good ideas, and these would be so perfect for my son’s teacher and her assistant (I think the peppermint scrub and bath belts are my faves).

  3. Cookie mixes in a jar, bath salts, and body scrubs are a wonderful homemade gift idea. I would love these items for a gift anytime of the year. Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays.

  4. I agree completely! I love making a homemade gift. Sugar scrubs are my thing at the moment, so I loved seeing some new ideas (love the peppermint one especially!) I especially enjoy decorating and packaging the gift so it looks really special. I usually get a very enthusiastic response, too!

  5. I like giving homemade gifts, especially cookies in a jar. Everyone seems to like it! I like a lot of these awesome recipes to make beauty in a jar. I will have to see if I can make one of these recipes for my sister. She loves body scrubs.!

  6. Bravo to the handmade gifts. I am just getting more and more bothered with the commercialism of the holiday. I’d rather have the gift of time – and that’s what’s largely represented here…that you took the time to do something for me (not me, me. Generic me :)

  7. My daughter makes her Christmas gifts every year. I think it is just great. I used to make all of my gifts as well when I had my health.

  8. This will be my arts and craft project – it is practical and also more meaningful to give as a gift because you put time and effort to it – love the scrub and soap idea!

  9. Another easy and fun one would be melt and pour soaps! You can buy premade molds or just us a Pringles container! Custom scent and you have one easy to make but made with love gift!

  10. What great ideas for handmade gifts. What I like best about the scrubs and the bath fifzzies is that they seem like projects I could make with my 9 year-old daughter.

  11. I love giving homemade gifts in jars, whether it’s body scrub, a candle or even cookie mix, it’s fun to make and always appreciated:)

  12. These are all great ideas!! Thank you! I was just wondering where I could get some cute jars, and commenter above me answered before I could ask, lol. Thrift stores of course!

  13. I would have never thought about something like this. But all of these are great ideas and useful and would make great gifts for all the girls in your family.

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