Adorable Homemade Valentine card idea: Candy Bar Poem

A Valentine’s Day card can easily cost $5 and before you know it, it’s in the recycling bin.  This year, how about taking that $5 and putting it towards a highly personal, very easy (and edible!) candy love poem. All you need is a handful of candy bars, a poster board, a marker and some creativity! You don’t have to be a poet, just let the candy be your guide. If you really can’t get those creative juices flowing, feel free to copy ours. We won’t tell!


And candy poems aren’t just for romantic love. You can adapt this for anyone like your child’s teacher:

I “Wonka” thank you for being my teacher. Whether we’re learning about the “Milky Way” or the Duke of “York,” I always learn “Mounds” when I’m in class with you.  

For a twist on the candy bar idea, buy conversation hearts and write a letter to your loved one. Insert the little candy hearts that say things like “HUG ME” “ALL MINE” and “LET’S KISS” along the way.

Here are some candy coupons to help you save:



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