Our Favorite Sephora Makeup Tutorials: You’ll Love #3


We’re celebrating mothers all monthlong with our Mother’s Day Giveaway at Coupons.com. Each week we’re giving away a different prize. And if you’re into makeup and skincare, then you’re in luck! This week we’re giving away a $500 gift card to Sephora to one lucky winner. But before you enter, check out some of our favorite Sephora makeup tutorials that will make you a #superheromom this May.

Kat Von D shows some flair with the Monarch Eyeshadow Makeup tutorial by Sephora. She adds a little lip action too.

Try a Berry Dot Manicure tutorial using JINSoon that’s easier than it looks. It’ll make your nails look like springtime.

This Brow Shaping Sephora makeup tutorial is a treat! The fun lyrics are reminiscent of Beauty School Dropout from Grease, while still giving you the three necessary steps for shaping your brows.

Lastly, a quick Sephora tutorial on Mod Texture Hair by Bumble & Bumble. See how to add a little body to this retro look.

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