7 thoughts on “Ask the Fans

  1. this is stupid where are the coupons for sh** we need like eggs ,milk butter cheese bread the public wants these coupons not comet,mr.clean bathroom toilette cleaner or any of the other stupid crap u got on hear why don’t u put there dairy product on ur web sight not sh** aim not going to buy or need

    • Hi Shawn,

      Thank you for your feedback. Our team is working hard with various manufacturers to provide additional savings on our site. Please note that dairy laws in various states do apply and that is part of the reason why you are not seeing more coupons for dairy products.


    • enter various zipcodes via coupon websites (they give the alternate ones for certain coupons) and you will find them…..32506 will give you $1 off cheese. so does Target! they have their store brand cheese $1 off per 8oz and just ran a sale 2/$4…..Horizons milk runs regular coupons on their website and a new almost free one for butter Challenge butter…they are out there. some companies just keep them private on their face book site or company website.

      • for bread, go to you local day old breadstore…it’s 99c a loaf. Bread companies do not issue coupons b/c of this and do not advertise their breadstores either b/c it is in competition with their full price bread in the grocery stores; I was told this directly. Coupons are few and far between unless it’s a grocery store special like buy cereal and get bread and milk free….with exception of specialty bread coupons such as Pepperidge Farms and Glutino, etc.

    • Wow harsh. Saving money on other items, allows you to spend what you saved on things that don’t usually have coupons. If you save money on the things most of us use every day-such as body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, house cleaning supplies etc-it leaves a little more to spend on eggs, milk, butter, cheese and bread. As stated below, emails and letters to individual companies often result in them sending you coupons, individual web sites and facebook pages also often offer coupons. They just take a little extra time and effort.

  2. Shawn, Who do you think pays for the manufacture coupons? Not coupons.com. The manufacturers do. I guess the chickens and cows have not agreed to a deal : ). If there is a product you really like, maybe you could shoot an email to the company that makes it and suggest to them they put out coupons. Then maybe they would show up here.

  3. Good Grief Shawn. Clean up your mouth. Not all of us like crudeness no matter how frustrating things are. This is about saving anyway we can. If you don’t like or use that coupon then don’t print it. You might be surprised though, that some of these other products actually save you money because they are effective and use less. Look for other ways to save.

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