9 Creative & Memorable DIY Wedding Favors

9 diy wedding favors

Summer time calls for outdoor weddings, bridal showers and adorable wedding favors that complete that special day. Create the perfect DIY wedding favors ahead of time at your bridal shower to thank people for attending your summer soiree. Even better, these wedding favors are both cute and within your budget!

Personalized Biscotti

Biscotti wedding favors

Buy a container of biscotti, dip in melted chocolate and then use a frosting pen to write on them. Write bride and grooms names, wedding date, and words of love. Let dry before packaging the cookies.

Seed Packets

seed packet wedding favors

Seed packets are a fun memory for a special day. The guests go home and plant themm and when they bloom fond memories come with them.

Tea Cup Candles

teacup candle wedding favors

Have a tea party themed shower and give these adorable tea candles as a thank you. Find an assortment of vintage tea cups at your local thrift store or flea market. Fill and insert a candlewick. Tie with a cute ribbon.

Bridal Advice Bouquet

bridal advice bouquet wedding favor

Have each guest write down their best piece of advice for a successful marriage. Put idea starters on sticks in a cute jar with a band of gold ribbon to get the creative juices flowing.

Herb Container

herb container wedding favor

Plant little containers with herbs for a live bridal shower favor. Write on a flag and adhere to a lollipop stick to identify the herb.

Vanilla Sugar Tubes

vanilla sugar cubes wedding favors

Have a sweet ending with homemade vanilla sugar tubes. These favors are both memorable, unique and can be used over and over again.

Homemade Limoncello

limoncello wedding favors

Spoil your guests with homemade Limoncello. The lemon flavored liqueur can be made well in advance so you don’t feel rushed during this busy time. Add cute labels for the complete package.

Succulent Tea Cups

succulent teacup wedding favors

Even your guests with a black thumb will be able to maintain these succulents. Plant them in a vintage coffeecup or jar and just spritz them with water every now and then for maintenance.

Personalized Coasters

personalized coasters wedding favors

Turn your favorite Instagram photos of you and your friends into coasters your guests will love to show off at home. Be sure to pick out the most memorable images so the pictures are more thoughtful and long lasting.

Before you shop: Other great DIY wedding favors include homemade strawberry butter, barbecue sauce and sugar scrubs. Need a little more advice for your big day? Check out our wedding planning article for some helpful tips!

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