9 Clever and Cost-Effective Ways to Organize Your Home

clever ways to organize your home

Whether you’re headed back to work or school, or just need a cleanup after the fun and chaos of summer, this is the perfect time of year to organize your home. Check out these inspired solutions for organizing projects big and small to get yourself ready for the onset of autumn.

1. Gift Wrapping Closet

gift wrapping closet

Whether you’ve got a boatload of miscellaneous crafting materials, or just need to organize gift wrapping supplies (the holidays will be here before you know it), an orderly closet like this one is the perfect solution.

2. Scarf Hanger

scarf hanger

Scarf weather is approaching. Keep yours neat and organized with this DIY hanger easily made from a clothing hanger and shower curtain rings.

3. Key Hooks

key holder

Get ready for those hectic mornings of rushing out the front door with this cheerful and practical addition to your mudroom. You won’t be scrambling for misplaced keys any longer.

4. Mudroom Wall Crates

wall crates

The last thing you need on a rushed morning is a missing shoe. Keep pairs together and easy to locate with these pretty pastel wall crates. Simply paint old wooden crates and mount them with nails.

5. Dinner Menu Board

menu board

Planning out weeknight dinners can get overwhelming. Keep your meal schedule and groceries in order with this DIY dry erase board that’s pretty simple to create.

6. Magnetic Spice Jars

magnetic spice jars

No more searching around for the right spice in an overflowing cupboard. Instead, stick your go-to spices on the side of a fridge with re-purposed baby food jars and some inexpensive magnets.

7. Pots and Pans Pegboard

kitchen pegboard

A messy kitchen equals weeknight stress. Keep your pots, pans and essential utensils organized and easily accessible with a pegboard.

8. Mason Jar Organizer

mason jar organizer

Mason jars are the go-to way to get yourself organized. Why not mount them on the wall to save space and keep your bathroom necessities in order? You could also make one of these for the bedroom or kitchen.

9. Bag Bookshelves

bag bookshelf

Try this inspired idea for storing your bags (or anything that would look better on a hook). Use an old set of bookshelves to hang your shoulder bags and shelve your clutches. Far better than cramming them into the closet.

Transitioning from summer to fall is all about de-cluttering. From neatly organized accessories to a cleaned up kitchen, putting things in order makes your weekly routine far more manageable. There’s no need to break the bank in the process when you use these tips to organize your home. With these projects, simple and inexpensive supplies go a long way!

Before you shop: Looking for other great ideas to organize your home? Consider a homework station, mail organizer or even adding labels to the items in your pantry.

Pippa Eccles ArmbresterPippa is a quilt maker and designer with a fondness for bold geometric designs and bright, colorful solid fabrics. This extends to the broader DIY realm and crafty endeavors of all sorts, particularly in home decor.

She lives and works in Boston with her husband, twin sons and tiny teacup poodle. She blogs at Pippa Quilts and sells her quilts online on Etsy.



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