6 Hilarious Kid Quotes All Parents Will Enjoy

hilarious kid quotes

Now that summer is winding down, it’s time to start preparing your kids for school–unless they’ve already gone back. It might feel quite nice for some to send your children off to the classroom so you can get a little rest, but we know you’ll miss the sounds of them running through your home during the day. But never fear! We’re sharing some of our favorite and hilarious kid quotes that’ll make you laugh and remember that kids truly do say the darndest things!

1. Real Man

real man

2. Daddy Works

daddy works

3. Live at Target

live at target

4. Cry Like a Man

like a man

5. Bless You

bless you

6. Fabulous Or Delicious

fabulous delicious

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Image Source: Jeanne Sager of CafeMom’s TheStir.com
Image Source: The Sewing Rabbit



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