5 DIY Journals And Notebooks Kids Will Love to Create

5 diy school journals and notebooks

When you head back to school this year, let your kids create unique and personalized school supplies that also save you money. Take a look at these 5 DIY journals and notebooks that kids will love to create and share with their classmates.

Cereal Box Notebooks

cereal box journals

Don’t throw away the cereal box after breakfast. The kids can use it to create personal notebooks of all sizes that will stand out from the pack.

Personalized Journals

personalized journals

Take that $1 notebook and create a beautiful masterpiece. Use paper, paint and tape to accessorize the DIY journals and notebooks with jewels, ribbon and stamps. This is a great way to store memories of the school year.

Cork Journals

cork journals

Turn your notebook into a memory board with a cork journal. Brush Mod Podge glue on a plain journal and wrap it with one sheet of cork paper. Trim to fit and then start adding your logos and personalized items.

Stamped Kraft Paper Covers

stamped kraft covers

Go old school with your DIY journals and notebooks and wrap them with craft paper. Use tiny stamps to add titles and names to the side and front.

Kaleidoscope Journal Covers

kaleidoscope covers

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 sheets of paper
  • Craft tape
  • 1 strip of rick rack
  • Mod Podge glue
  • 1 journal


Trim the paper to the size of your journal. We used one paper for the front and a coordinating paper for the back. Use craft tape to go down the binding. Glue down rick rack or other craft tape along the side.

Before you shop: Let the kids make a few extra DIY journals and notebooks to give as back to school gifts for their friends and teachers. Craft tape comes in many sizes and is an easy way to add a creative touch.

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